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Mad Science has five spectacular, fun and educational shows to choose from! 

Fire and Ice – Children of all ages will discover how hot and cold science can be as they take a journey through the world of Fire & Ice! Experience the “eggcitement” as we fit an egg into a seemingly impossible space. Watch a chemical reaction take place as a real dollar bill goes up in flames without burning! We’ll also create an unforgettable display of power as we demonstrate that not all tornadoes are made of wind. For our finale, audience members will explore the mysteries of dry ice as we create large-scale bubbling potions that fill the room.


Movie Special F/X Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of effects directors use in movies! Children will learn about chemical reactions, polymers, and air pressure as they get a backstage pass to see how special effects are created. Learn about the science behind magic when we make things appear and disappear before your eyes. Give us a standing ovation as we melt our special Styrofoam guest star with a unique chemical. For our finale, we’ll create a gigantic dinosaur sneeze straight out of Jurassic Park!


Spin, Pop, Boom! – Learn about crazy chemical reactions, the amazing properties of acids and bases, and the greatness of gravity! Discover the forces that act on roller coasters as we simulate what happens when they spin upside down. See combustion in action as our roaring exothermic reaction lights up the stage. We’ll also create a colorful chemical reaction rainbow as we introduce acids and bases. In our finale, brave volunteers will help activate an enormous erupting foam volcano!


Sounds Like Science Join us as we surround ourselves with the science of sounds! Volunteers will demonstrate how sound travels through solids, liquids, and gases, and we’ll create wacky wavelengths for sounds to move through. Our Singing Pipe will impress you by changing tones as it moves. In addition, audience members will experiment with different objects to simulate the electrifying noises of a large-scale thunderstorm. For our finale, you’ll hear the sounds of several animals as we take a trip through the jungle!

Toxic Tobacco Take a tour through the human body to see the way the brain, mouth and lungs are all affected by tobacco. Through displays and demonstrations, students will learn about the important choice to live tobacco free. Students will observe the amount of toxins that build up in a person’s body due to smoking and learn how our sense of taste and smell are drastically affected by tobacco use. We’ll also discuss the powerful impact of second-hand smoke using a smoking chamber. For our finale, students will see the shocking difference between a healthy person’s lung and a smoker’s lung.







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