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Workshop Information

We have over 25 topics to choose from in Physical, Earth and Life Science. Choose a topic that complements your lesson plan or theme.


Physical Science Workshops


Che-mystery: Explore the basics of chemistry. Make a crystal garden and create an amazing substance that has the properties of a liquid and a solid!


Current Events: Learn about current, conductors, insulators and the basics of electricity. Students make their own circuit maze to take home.


Dry Ice: Explore the states of matter using frozen carbon dioxide. Turn water into ice in 30 seconds and create a giant bubbling potion.


Lights-Color-Action*: See a spectacular chemical energy display and learn the fundamentals of light. Reveal hidden components of ordinary light using a motorized color wheel.


Mad Science Machines*: Experiment with levers, ramps, axles and pulleys. Junior engineers build and take home their own Mad Science race car.



Matter of Fact: Investigate the building blocks of the universe. Create model molecules, electroplate a nickel and make Mad Science putty.


Radical Reactions: Experiment with substances that create amazing reactions. Young scientists conduct a chemical reaction using special crystals to make their own super ball.


Slippery Science: Discover the amazing properties of polymers and learn what makes these molecules so unusual. Students create their own batch of slippery slime.


Under Pressure: Uncover the science of aerodynamics and the properties of air. Suspend ping pong balls in moving columns of air. Students make their own wind generator.


Wacky Waves: Investigate waves, density and buoyancy. Students create their own multi-density wave bottle.


Watt’s Up: Explore the properties of electricity and examine its role in natural phenomena. Make indoor lighting with our electrostatic generator—a “hair-raising” experience.



Earth Science Workshops


Black and Blue Oceans: Oil can make quite a mess when it ends up where it isn’t supposed to be. Cooperative groups plan and tackle the aftermath of a simulated spill.


Earthworks: Take a voyage to the center of Earth and investigate the powerful processes that shape our planet, move mountains and cause earthquakes! Students take home their own UV light detectors.


Fun with Fossils: Learn about excavating and recovering fossils. Explore the world of dinosaurs, see how they lived and what they ate. Students make a cast of a T-Rex tooth.


Mineral Mania: Peek beneath Earth’s crust and uncover its composition. Learn about volcanoes and earthquakes and find out how scientists classify and identify rocks and minerals. Experience the thrill of panning for gems.


Space...The Final Frontier*: This voyage takes inquiring minds on a quest to di1cover space. The mission: take an exciting look at planets, moons, comets and stars. Young explorers make their own propeller-driven space orbiter.


Under The Sea: Explore life in the sea, ocean dynamics and incredible animal adaptations. View sea stars, sea urchins and shells. Students make their own density wand.


Walloping Weather: Discover how thunderstorms and tornadoes form and how powerful they can be. Learn how air temperature affects weather. Young meteorologists take home their own mini-tornado!



Life Science Workshops


Body Basics: Explore the amazing abilities and functions of the human body. See what happens when you breathe. Students make their own working model of a human lung.


Bugs: Investigate the world of creepy, crawly creatures. Learn about insects’ fabulous flying abilities, defense mechanisms and the unusual way they see their surroundings.

Cell Basics: Investigate the building blocks of all living things. Use microscopes to view plant cells and learn their functions. Students make their own model cell.  

Decomposers: Conduct experiments with worms to learn the natural process of decomposition. Students take home their own pet worm.

Ecosystems: Explore the natural interconnections of Earth’s ecosystems. Conduct experiments to learn how sensitive our ecosystems are to external factors.


Feathers, Fins & Fur: Explore the animal kingdom and learn about habitats, anatomy and life cycles. Investigate how animals adapt to their environment.


Inner Workings: Discover how the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems work together to keep the body going strong. Students take home their own “digestor inspector”.


Mission Nutrition: Learn the science of nutrition and fitness while discovering how food fuels the body. Students take home a “step-o-meter”.


Photosynthesis: Investigate the amazing process of photosynthesis and learn how plants and trees help us breathe. Young botanists take home their own mini-greenhouse.


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